Natural Wood and Cream Crochet Bead Rosary Handmade Prayer Meditation Wood Garland Rustic Farmhouse Decor FREE shipping


One of the most treasured pieces I have in my home, is my grandfather’s rosary. It hangs next to my bed on my light and it is pictured in all of my Vintage Hymnal Page Sign photos. It’s delicate...and fits in the palm of my hand. But this one is a bit larger. It can be hung on a lampshade, on a stack books, on a shelf or a coffee table. In a baby’s, kid’s, tween’s, teen’s, or an adults bedroom. This rustic weathered wood hand cut cross hangs with twine from a decade of wood beads representing the mediation of prayer, a true rosary.

Entire rosary measures approximately 22 inches, wood cross is 3 1/2 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide.

This rosary has 5 crochet wood beads.

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